Corporate Events

Truffle Making Classes

Take your business outing to the next level with a private truffle making class. Learn more about chocolate, where it's grown, and how it's made. We'll guide you in the deliciously artistic process of truffle making using the finest European chocolates. What you don't eat, we'll pack for you to take home! We can come to you at your office or a private home. Private classes for up to 10 guests can be arranged in the chocolate kitchen at Dr. Sue’s Chocolate.


Chocolate + Wine Classes

Dive deeper into this magnificent pairing by discovering what makes them complimentary. You’ll learn about the history of chocolate, where it comes from, and how terroir brings out a changing complexity of flavors in both chocolate and wine. Customize pairings to your interests, such as all white wines, all reds, Texan wines, or a mix. Chocolate pairings will include the items that most enhance the pairing. Items may include chocolate bark, truffles, specialty items, or chocolate dipped fruit.

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